Good day, dear readers. Previously, I explained why meditation is so important in our lives. And as I promised, today we’ll learn more about guided and unguided meditations, the difference between them, and how the guided one works.

Guided vs unguided meditation

There are different ways to meditate but all of them can be divided into two groups: those that better perform in complete silence and alone, or with the help of a guide.

Guided meditation means that someone online or offline can explain how to do the practice correctly. This person of course should be a practitioner who’s trained and whose skills are…

How To Find The Right Technique That Will Work For Your Current Goals

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

Our world is full of possibilities. Seemingly, we all could live happily, because so many things contribute to our development and self-realization. But statistics show the opposite: in the last 30 years, the level of stress in adult life has increased by 19%.

How do we deal with persistent anxiety that interferes with thinking strategically and achieving important life goals? The answer is to find peace within yourself through suitable meditation techniques.

There are many meditation techniques that can help you process your feelings, listen to your body, clear your mind, and more. …

To understand how little we know about ourselves and the world, let’s remember that this year’s Nobel prize for physics was awarded for discoveries about black holes.

This subject is so complex and uncharted that even Einstein doubted the existence of black holes. But in 1965, ten years after the genius’ death, Roger Penrose published a groundbreaking scientific paper. In it, he produced the mathematics that showed how large stars collapse to form black holes. Which speaks to the idea that “the formation of black holes serves as reliable proof of the theory of general relativity”.

This discovery opened a…

Following a lengthy analysis of the first orbital city project, my team and I decided to change the visuals while adhering to the overall concept of a new society. The Ether 2.0 concept became more futuristic, designed by the architect Luis Daniel Pozo Torres. The city acquired an asymmetrical shape, it became more complex and more functional at the same time. We kept the multi-tiered construction, but added a weightlessness zone and a power station.

The Human Cosmos philosophy of multidisciplinary development comprises several components and directions, one of the most important of which is the visionary super-concept of an orbital city.

The space city is an ambitious goal and project which can unite people striving for progress around it. The final goal behind the development and design of such a city is not the mass resettlement of people to space, but rather the creation of a community of people interested in developing their personal microcosm and exploring the macrocosm. These are people who are interested in science, who take care of their health, who…

The Human Cosmos super system offers an on-target personalized self-development plan for you as an individual, rather than for the public at large. Because if you want to change the world, change yourself. Saving the planet starts in your mind.

If you want to become the best version of yourself; if you strive for happiness and harmony and care about the future of the planet; if you want to expand your world to someday touch the universe, focus on these nine areas of personal growth:

  • the physical (your body)
  • awareness (mental development)
  • energy (both inner and external)
  • prosperity (money)
  • community…

My Human Cosmos philosophy didn’t come to me all at once. I didn’t wake up one day like Mendeleev and come up with a revolutionary concept. It all started unremarkably, because of my interest in architecture.

My passion was urban planning, and I spent a long time working on urban development of cities across Russia. The monocity Krasnoturiinsk, the Moscow River land area, the Bolshoi Usuriiskii peninsula — these were all projects my team and I conceived and implemented. …

The end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century saw the emergence and popularization of Russian cosmism, a philosophical and cultural movement which declared the existence of both a microcosm and a macrocosm, the Universe and the people in it. We are part of a bigger world, and at the same time, we all have our own vast inner world within us. This inner world must be nurtured and developed. Russian cosmism was the first to state that we as humans must live conscious and deliberate lives, weighing our every action, as we each answer for our…

Once you’ve developed the powers of observation, have high sensing skills, found your purpose in life and become more conscious, the moment will come when you’ll feel limited by your own self. You’ll want (and you’ll be able to) develop hidden superpowers. And they are innate in everyone, they simply don’t appear because we don’t exercise the need for them. A person is an adaptive and lazy creature, he will not train himself in abilities that he doesn’t need to survive, and he’s not going to keep sporting a tail when that doesn’t fit into jeans. That’s the reason we…

Earlier, I said that Cosmic Thinking is the high sensation system of the body, fullness of life and multitasking performance. But there is also another aspect to it. A person of the cosmos is not only super-sensitive to her own being, she is also tuned in to the world, its diversity and development.

Bring to mind the average person not engaged in his own development. What are his interests? It’s likely to be: making money, relaxing with cocktails by a pool, buying a house, separating himself from idiots, raising grandchildren and finally life comes to an end. The last one…

Aliya Grig

CEO The Human Cosmos App

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