What is cosmic thinking? Part 2.

Earlier, I said that Cosmic Thinking is the high sensation system of the body, fullness of life and multitasking performance. But there is also another aspect to it. A person of the cosmos is not only super-sensitive to her own being, she is also tuned in to the world, its diversity and development.

Bring to mind the average person not engaged in his own development. What are his interests? It’s likely to be: making money, relaxing with cocktails by a pool, buying a house, separating himself from idiots, raising grandchildren and finally life comes to an end. The last one is, of course, not an interest, but a crucial part of the future. When a person develops a cosmic consciousness, he lives with the full awareness that his every action in this world is connected with the Universe. Each thought has its own energy field and effect. And the more like-minded people there are in the world, regardless of their creed, the stronger their effect on humanity. Incidentally, this is an experimentally proven fact: collective meditations have shown that the energy field which develops in the practice begins to be charged with positively charged particles. In the same way, masses of people with similar attitudes affect the world around them. This is very important now, at the time of coronavirus, because the more people panic, the worse it will be for everyone, even the calmest and most resilient people. When some woman fights over a pack of toilet paper, while another lazy couch potato feels sorry for himself and doesn’t care about anything. Cosmic thinking is the awareness of how you can change the Universe.

As soon as a person realizes that she doesn’t just coexist in the world but builds or destroys it with her life, then she will begin to develop a high level of awareness. She will think about her true calling, think sensibly and search for her destiny. For example, if she used to paint pictures to make money, she will paint her works in order to inspire people and give them art. This shift in focus will change her personality. And as a result, there will actually be more money in her life.

Let’s take the first steps in understanding our importance. Try not to be hysterical about the pandemic, try to give more than you take, and stop thinking about setbacks and oil prices. You cannot save the Universe with your pessimism; it responds only to goodness.