What is cosmic thinking? Part 3.

Once you’ve developed the powers of observation, have high sensing skills, found your purpose in life and become more conscious, the moment will come when you’ll feel limited by your own self. You’ll want (and you’ll be able to) develop hidden superpowers. And they are innate in everyone, they simply don’t appear because we don’t exercise the need for them. A person is an adaptive and lazy creature, he will not train himself in abilities that he doesn’t need to survive, and he’s not going to keep sporting a tail when that doesn’t fit into jeans. That’s the reason we lost the extra limbs, and levitation didn’t serve as a form of movement, due to fatigue. There are taxis, so why would we develop the ability to fly?

In developing cosmic thinking, a person will definitely reach a point where she will begin to discover some new possibilities with her consciousness: extrasensory perception, telepathy, telekinesis and other “paranormal abilities”, as we refer to them now. In fact, herbrain will start to work better by activating the dormant areas. At present, in order not to feel bored, we indulge in pizza before bed, play on the PlayStation or watch a movie with Ryan Reynolds. But once thinking moves to the cosmic level, even comedies won’t be particularly entertaining to her, she’ll want more — and so, she’ll study herself from within and find new ways to have fun. For example, she’ll improve her mind-reading skills. Miracle, not leisure, don’t you agree?

Of course, the third, highest stage in the development of cosmic thinking is a certain standard that we are moving towards with all of humanity. Yes, until we have an ideal memory, we won’t be able to move objects with the power of thought; we even have to google the recipe for key lime pie 5 times to remember how many eggs to add, but one day our brain will start producing magic tricks. And it will be amazing. After all, audio messages and helicopter flights were not even in our imaginations once. And now they’re commonplace. Cosmic thinking will also become the new norm, with all its benefits: clairvoyance and other superpowers. The main thing is to start developing this now.




Founder, CEO Evolwe AI https://evolwe.ai

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Aliya Grig

Aliya Grig

Founder, CEO Evolwe AI https://evolwe.ai

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